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KBF Realty Fee Sharing is a division of  KBF Corporate Real Estate Services, Inc.  Northern Illinois

For 27 years we've been helping clients search for real estate that best matches their needs.  We then help them secure their real estate choice under the best terms possible.   

Technology makes it possible to search for real estate with little or no broker assistance. 

Searching for real estate on one's own, we believe, ought entitle a buyer or tenant to significant savings.

We offer to share the portion of the fee intended for your broker, and thereby save you money . 

Residential or Commercial Real Estate

"We want to share Commission   dollars with you."                                                                                     Mike Wilens
                                                  Managing Broker 
                                                  KBF C.R.E.S.I.

Will you be ​​​​searching for the home or commercial space of your dreams with little help from a real estate broker?   We offer to credit you 50% of the paid commission intended for your broker.

KBF Real Estate  -  6939 N. Francisco, Chicago, IL 60645

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