ABOUT        Many individuals searching the real estate market do so with no broker assistance.  Along with providing these individuals an opportunity to receive up to 50% of the fee intended for their broker... we offer to prepare and submit contracts and proposals on their behalf.        

KBF was established in 1990 with the intent to provide individuals in Metro Chicago  every advantage   when making  real estate decisions.   Todayevery advantage includes the opportunity to share in the brokerage fee when looking for real estate without the help of a broker. 

EARLY YEARS    For more than 20 years we worked primarily with commercial real estate clients and when they requested our help for residential transactions, we resisted.  Though we noticed a pattern developing in recent years... most of the people approaching us concerning real estate they were pursuing wanted our help for the transaction element of their acquistion only, and that is when we became involved. 

We began to realize many people were using technology offered on the internet to hunt for real estate with no help from brokers.   Yet these independent real estate hunters were not being rewarded for their hard work.  In addition, they were allowing the listing broker for the real estate they were purchasing to pocket the portion of the commission intended for the broker on their side of the transaction. 

We decided to make a unique offer to people who search for real estate with little or no broker assistance.   We began offering up to 50% of the fee paid to their side of the transaction... along with providing them help with the submission and preparation of proposals and contracts. 

                               KBF Realty Fee Sharing is a division of KBF Corporate Real Estate Services, Inc. Metro Chicago, IL


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"We want to share Commission   dollars with you."                                                                                          Mike Wilens
                                                  Managing Broker 
                                                  KBF C.R.E.S.I.