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"We want to share Commission   dollars with you."                                                                                           Mike Wilens
                                                  Managing Broker 
                                                  KBF C.R.E.S.I.

​​​KBF Realty Fee Sharing is a divisions of KBF Corporate Real Estate Services, Inc. Metro Chicago, IL



Why KBF?

Along with helping you successfully navigate a Real Estate transaction, we want to save you money. 

Illinois law permits a buyer or tenant to receive a commission credit.  When you purchase or lease real estate, owners pay commissions with your purchase or rental dollars.  We're the alternative to allowing a high priced real estate broker secure themselves an unreasonably large commission (with your money).

Our assistance will cost you no additional money.

The owner of most every available residential or commercial property has signed a contract requiring the owner to pay a fee that is to be shared with a co-operating broker when a transaction is completed.  This means a portion of the commission is intended for the broker representing you.   We're offering to share this money with you.

We'll keep you away from "conflicted representation".

Can a broker be trusted to assist and represent opposing parties simultaneously? A broker representing an owner is legally obligated to help the owner secure the best terms possible from the buyer or tenant.  Many brokers want to be a Dual Agent and represent a prospect and owner simultaneously.  Not us.